The region of S.E. PA and South Jersey, for our purposes the Delaware Valley, is home to a large number of Recumbent Trike Riders yet there are no active groups formed to support them. I know, from my own experience, that local rides led by various outdoors and cycling clubs are, with rare exceptions, somewhere between inappropriate and disappointing to Recumbent Trike Riders. Between the pace being set or the terrain chosen, Recumbent Trike Riders can be pretty much left behind. On most long and flat terrain rides we can’t match the faster pace of the “>B class” and those slower “D class” rides tend to be either too slow or too short in distance or duration. In our region, many “C class” rides seem to be mapped through hilly roads leaving us to lag behind.

The solution? The Delaware Valley Trike Riders Club, a club specifically for Recumbent Trike Riders.

This said, I’d like to extend an invitation to other Recumbent Trike Riders to join with me in forming a group that will fulfill the Trike Rider’s goals just like those groups who support DF riders. What goals are these? Here are a few of mine:
• Meet new people
• Ride new routes for fun and for challenge
• Offer group clinics for maintenance, safety, commuting, touring, etc.
• Charter portage for longer one-way trips
• Share tips, techniques and technology

If you are interested in helping to form our Delaware Valley Trike Riders group, to lead rides, to join rides or to contribute to a list of suitable routes then please contact me. I hope that we can form a core group who will help to create our “Club” this winter and be ready to offer new group rides this spring (and maybe take few rides on suitable winter days too).

The Plan (for now):
Reply to this post with your interest and I’ll reply back. Once we have a few “members” we can meet at a convenient place, or online, to discuss our goals and start planing rides.

To receive updates please “Follow” this blog and you will receive notice when information has been added. Check back soon for the addition of a calendar (google driven) of rides and meetings. I’ll also begin adding some ride tip sheets from my own archive and any that you submit as well.

Safety and Preparation… We can’t stress the importance of these enough!

Preparation Guidelines and Important Rules for All Group Rides

Be certain your trike is operating correctly before you arrive.
Minimally, you should carry with you on your trike:
• A Fix-a-Flat kit that includes a spare inner tube, patch kit and tire levers.
• A portable Tool Kit that includes necessary hex and socket wrenches or adjustable wrench, and a chain repair tool with replacement or quick links.
• A portable air pump or CO2-pump.
• Adequate Water supply in a bike bottle or other hydration system.
• A portable, personal first aid kit (including rescue inhaler, epinephrin pen, or other necessity).
• Personal Identification and with Emergency contact information (I keep a phone number taped to the back of my I.D.).
• Be prepared to sign the Release Waiver Form.

• Helmet is required.
• No earphones.
• Calling “Clear” is Prohibited. Each person is responsible for ensuring their own safe passage.
• Minors must have release waiver form signed by a parent.
• Minors under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by parent.
• Follow ALL local vehicle laws.
• Always ride on the right.
• Use hand signals when turning and stopping.
• Ride safely and respect Pedestrian Right of Way on trails.
• Each rider assumes their own risk of personal injury or property damage on all rides.
• If you ride ahead of the group – you are riding on your own.
• Notify the ride leader if or when you leave the group.
• Arrive early and be prepared to leave on time.


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