Ride Archive

Safety Rules, Preparation Guidelines, Trip Reports and Trike Ride Trip Sheets will be archived here (see CAUTIONS at page bottom).

Preparation Guidelines and Important Rules for All Group Rides

Be certain your trike is operating correctly before you arrive.
Minimally, you should carry with you on your trike:
• A Fix-a-Flat kit that includes a spare inner tube, patch kit and tire levers.
• A portable Tool Kit that includes necessary hex and socket wrenches or adjustable wrench, and a chain repair tool with replacement or quick links.
• A portable air pump or CO2-pump.
• Adequate Water supply in a bike bottle or other hydration system.
• A portable, personal first aid kit (including rescue inhaler, epinephrin pen, or other necessity).
• Personal Identification and with Emergency contact information (I keep a phone number taped to the back of my I.D.).
• Be prepared to sign the Release Waiver Form.

• Helmet is required.
• No earphones.
• Calling “Clear” is Prohibited. Each person is responsible for ensuring their own safe passage.
• Minors must have release waiver form signed by a parent.
• Minors under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by parent.
• Follow ALL local vehicle laws.
• Always ride on the right.
• Use hand signals when turning and stopping.
• Ride safely and respect Pedestrian Right of Way on trails.
• Each rider assumes their own risk of personal injury or property damage on all rides.
• If you ride ahead of the group – you are riding on your own.
• Notify the ride leader if or when you leave the group.
• Arrive early and be prepared to leave on time.

Delaware River Trips using using the D&L Canal Trail in PA and/or the D&R “Feeder” Canal Trail in NJ.

A note about the Delaware River Canal Trails: These routes pass through several small towns that all offer food and water sales. There are also three locations for bicycle repair very near the trails. These shops are located in Frenchtown, NJ, Yardley, PA, and Morrisville, PA. The nearest trike shop is Jersey Bents, about 15 miles from Yardley, PA.

 NJ Pinelands Trails.

A note about the NJ Pinelands Trails: I strongly recommend carrying adequate food, water and mechanical supplies on these trips. Limited food service is seasonably available at a hotdog stand in Chatsworth, NJ and nearest bicycle mechanical support (not a trike shop) is over 20 miles away in Medford, NJ. Do not leave your parked motor vehicle unsecured and keep all valuable items out of sight.

Perkiomen Trail

USERS’ CAUTION! Please use these resources responsibly. Your personal and property safety is your own responsibility. Be aware that these resources may not be entirely accurate at the time they are published and so should be reviewed prior to their use. Neither this site’s administrator, “club” members, ride leaders, nor any other contributors shall be held liable for any mistakes or other inaccuracies due to over site or error. You, the user, shall be held solely responsible for any and all outcomes from using these resources and by your act of accessing these you agree to waive any claims of liability against those who have contributed them.

CONTRIBUTORS’ CAUTION! You are asked as a contributor to these resources to make your best efforts to provide information that is complete and accurate. Trip reports and Tip Sheets should clearly indicate the following prior to submission:
• Turn by Turn Accuracy (using street names or landmarks)
• Hazardous Conditions (when appropriate to include motor and pedestrian traffic, changing road or trail conditions)
• Roadway or Trail surface
• Distance
• Indicate whether trip is one-way or loop
• Indicate support services, mechanical, food, rest, etc., when appropriate
• Provide links to online references, maps, etc., when appropriate


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