Wally’s Tour to Niagara Falls w/ White Clay BG

If you are interested in joining Wally, or in receiving more information, please contact him directly.

Wally said:
“I am in the final stages of setting up an unsupported bike (plus my trike) tour to Niagara Falls. The start date is June 13, ending June 26. The formal start/finish is Bekah’s Bakery in Cornog, PA on PA 282 northwest of Downingtown. Nearly all of the overnight lodgings have been arranged. Participants will make their own reservations from the rooms that have been blocked for the group (White Clay Bicycle Group). The daily distances, for the most part, have been kept to 50-60 miles. A few bike paths are in the route, but it is mostly on-road. So far, I am likely to be the only recumbent trike, but there may well be one or more 2-wheeled recumbents. If interested in participating in this challenge, contact Wally Hertler (wallyhert@verizon.net). For the past 40 years or so, participants have enjoyed these tours and have kept coming back for more.”


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