Request for Trail Conditions

Hi Everyone!
I’d like to get our Delaware Valley Trike Riders’ Club rides started soon, especially now that the weather is being much more kind. Have any of you ridden any local trails lately, and if so, could you provide some quick feedback regarding the conditions of that trail?

My report: My home trails, the D&R and the D&L (along the Delaware River between Trenton and Frenchtown) are mostly unpaved and are still too wet in many places due to the recent snow melt. The highways nearby are much drier (only a rare standing pool) but are very poor due to pot holes, debris and some erosion along the shoulders (but I have seen some recent patching).

In the next few days I will be making a reconnaissance trip to inspect the roads and trails I have mapped for the Pinelands rides and will provide a report when completed. I hope to begin scheduling these in the upcoming weeks.

Until then, if you find your trail is in good condition, and you would like to lead a ride there, please let us know. You can:
• Forward your trip to me and I will post it online, or,
• Make use of the members’ email list (and I will cross-post to the web).

One final note: please check the Members’ email list as it has been updated to include new riders.

I look forward to riding with you soon!
Wayne K


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