Club Member Email List?

Hi Everyone,
I asked you all to join the Delaware Valley Trike Riders Club with the intention to offer each other more riding opportunities with other trike riders. Perhaps, given that we are only two weeks into the New Year, it has been too cold/wet/snowy/dark for some of us to ride, but I do know that some others are out there, bundled up and putting many miles behind them.

With these things in mind I would like the website to facilitate ride opportunities and not to be a bottleneck. I’ve been struggling to find a simple way to do so – and so I’ve come up with this idea:

I would like us to share our email addresses among club members.

May I have your permission to post your email address on a password protected page along with either your favorite, or convenient, riding trail?

Passwords will only be provided to those who have their email listed on the page. I think that this would help us to communicate with one another and, if we find someone with similar riding interest, and/or close enough to join an impromptu ride, we can coordinate some rides amongst ourselves.

As the weather warms and affords us more “comfortable” opportunities I will begin posting rides on the calendar so that we can plan ahead. Most likely, I will lead the same ride twice – the first on a Sunday, the second on the following Saturday. With a little coordination between Ride Leaders we could probably offer a group ride on most weekends.

Until then, if you see that we are expecting some nice weather, or you are otherwise itching to hit a trail with some company, I think sending an email to the members on our Club List would be the best way to announce your ride offer. (I’ll post those rides to the calendar when I receive them).

Please look for a follow-up email asking for your permission to share your email address. I also welcome any other ideas you might have to help get us out on the trails together.

I’m looking forward to riding with you!
Wayne K