Brief summary of the early survey returns

Thank you all very much for taking the time to provide your input for the Delaware Valley Trike Riders survey! Given the information received so far I do believe that we will have an excellent club of trike riders with many of the same riding skills and expectations in mind and I think the efforts we make to pull together a steady calendar of rides will fulfill many of our mutual riding goals.

The survey is still open for those who anticipate riding with us!

The majority of us are equally interested in riding for fun, camaraderie and sightseeing, followed by fitness and training. Overwhelmingly we are looking for rides lasting about 4 hours at about a 10 mph pace (we’ll look to add places to sprint and regroup for those with a need for more speed). The majority also are not looking for rides beyond 55 miles long and a few consider 40 miles to be about their limit.

Nearly everyone was interested in the NJ Pinelands and the Schuylkill River trail followed by the D&R and the D&L trails along the Delaware River. There is also interest in venturing further from the Delaware Valley to take advantage of the trails at the C&D Canal and through the Lehigh Gorge above Jim Thorpe PA. Equal interest was in the Coastal NJ rides (between Sandy Hook and Island Beach). People also expressed interest in the other trails mentioned and further recommended rides on the Chester Valley Trail, Perkiomen Trail, the York Heritage Trail and the GAP Trail out in S.W. PA.

Highways without dedicated bike lanes received the largest vote “against” in the road conditions to avoid, but even that was selected by less than half of us. I think that on most rides we can probably expect to avoid this condition – particularly when we take advantage of the popular trails. Packed Sand (not to be confused with beach sand) was the next least favorite but might be difficult to avoid during short stretches in the NJ Pinelands (it should be called the NJ Pine-Sands lands). I would suggest you give a packed sand trail a try as there are some amazing passageways through the deep pine forests that reveal sights unlike any seen from the roads.

Steady rain and freezing temperatures look like they will keep the majority of us off our trikes. High temperatures also seem to be worrisome. We can probably plan for more shaded rides on these excessively hot days (the trails along the Delaware River offer a lot of shade) as well as early morning starts. Selecting trails that have higher densities of support such as eateries and markets will also be included in planning rides and schedules.

Weekends look to be the best opportunity for most rides though there are riders available on weekdays too – this Might be a good chance for a smaller group to get together for a local ad-hoc ride?

There are a few people who can carry more than one trike. If you are interested in ride sharing, particularly on a trip further from your home, consider offering or asking to share a ride when you “sign-up” for a ride.

I’ll begin posting some of my rides (trip sheets and maps) in the archive section soon and if we have some agreeable weather I’ll post an invitation to join me. If you would like to lead a ride, or, if you have a favorite ride (like those added above) it would be very helpful if you could provide us with a trip sheet. If you have a trip sheet to share, you can forward that to me and I’ll post it online (or we can post a link to another resource online if one exists elsewhere).

Thanks again! I’m looking forward to riding with you!
Wayne K


Trike Rider Survey & Ride Leader Shout-out

The Delaware Valley Trike Riders are putting together several group rides but we need your input. In order to design rides that will keep you happy and coming back we need to know a few things about your expectations and current riding abilities.

Please use this link to complete a brief 10 question survey. Respondents shall be kept anonymous but we will post the results so that future ride leaders can use them to guide their efforts. The 5 or so minutes you invest in this will be very helpful to us.

About half of the people who have contacted me have not “followed” this website and have only contacted me via email. In order to be sure I’ve contacted everyone (and until everyone has “followed” the site to receive updates) I will be sending email invitations also. If you receive this wordpress update notice and an email from me – I apologize for the duplication. This shouldn’t be a problem much longer.

If you would be interested in leading a ride along one of your favorite trails, please let me know (you can email me directly or use the comment feature). After ride leaders have been identified, I would like to convene a brief meeting (over breakfast or lunch, or online via google hangouts or similar service) so that we can introduce ourselves and share ideas on how best to move this club forward so that we can start riding as a group.

I hope you all can continue to enjoy this holiday weekend and I look forward to riding with you!
Wayne K

P.S. Please continue to share news of our club, The Delaware Valley Trike Riders, with other trike riders, dealers and mechanics in our area – Thank you!

More Exciting News

Delaware Valley Trike Riders has a promotional partner: Jersey “Bents” Bicycle Shop!

Laurence Bonilla, founder and owner of Jersey “Bents” in Hamilton Square, NJ, has agreed to promote the Delaware Valley Trike Riders. Laurence will be sharing our information and promoting our “Club” to his clients through his shop and website. His help will be a great boost for our new club. Laurence has a lot of traffic through his shop and has said that many of his customers ask him for information about rides and riding clubs. Now, Laurence will send them our way. Thank you Laurence!

At Laurence’s Jersey “Bents” you will find one of the fullest showrooms of recumbent bikes and trikes in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York area and is a “Top Twenty” nationwide dealer for Terra Trike. Along with Terra Trike, Laurence stocks Bacchetta, Catrike, Azub, ICE, HP Velotechnik, Trident Folding Trikes and RAM crank forward bikes.

My experience with Laurence at Jersey “Bents” has been nothing short of excellent and this praise is equally earned by his partner shop, Economy Bikes owned by Charlie Swope. If you are interested in purchasing a new recumbent trike or bike be sure to check out Jersey “Bents” online at:, or in person at: 1637 Route 33, Hamilton Square, NJ 08690.

Welcome to the Delaware Valley Trike Riders’ Club & Blog

Recumbent Trike Riders Wanted!

I’d like to extend an invitation to other Recumbent Trike Riders in the Delaware Valley, S.E. Pennsylvania, Central, Southern and Coastal New Jersey, and elsewhere, to join with me in forming a group that will fulfill the Trike Rider’s goals just like those groups who support DF riders. What goals are these? Here are a few of mine:
• Meet new people
• Ride new routes for fun and for challenge
• Offer group clinics for maintenance, safety, commuting, touring, etc.
• Charter portage for longer one-way trips
• Share tips, techniques and technology to enhance our rides

Our region is home to hundreds of miles of high quality trails and roadways that are ideal for recumbent trike riders and riding these with a group can only enhance the fun. There is no fee to join other than your interest and maybe a little sweat equity to help plan, organize or lead a ride along your favorite trail.

Please contact me via a “comment” to this site if you are interested in helping to form our Trike Riders group, to lead rides, to join rides or to contribute to a list of suitable routes. I hope that we can form a core group who will help to create our “Club” this winter of 2014/2015 and be ready to offer new group rides this spring (and maybe take few rides on suitable winter days too).

I’ll be adding a Club Calendar and an archive library of ride tip sheets soon. Please “Follow” this blog to receive notices of updates.