Re-cap “Trikers’ Choice” Ride

The Delaware Valley Trike Riders’ held their first ride of 2015, on a beautiful Saturday morning (May 2). It was a small group that set out from Stockton to Frenchtown, NJ and back. In addition to enjoying the beautiful springtime vistas including the clear running waters of the Delaware River and the towering natural stone pillar of Devil’s Peak, we shared plenty of warm sunshine and warm conversation as we pedaled along the tree-lined D&R Trail.

Delaware Valley Trike Riders at the end of the "Trikers' Choice" Ride.

Delaware Valley Trike Riders at the end of the “Trikers’ Choice” Ride, outside the site of the Prallsville Mills,  Stockton, NJ.

Upcoming rides will continue to be announced and we hope that you can join us.
Remember, if you would like to lead a ride, or suggest a future ride, please feel free to do so.

I look forward to riding with you!
Wayne K

Triker’s Choice Club Ride (24 up to 45 mile loops)

As a ride leader I wanted to start our Delaware Valley Trike Riders’ Club 2015 season by offering to lead a ride that can accommodate most everyone’s early-season riding abilities. This ride offers some challenges by making use of several trail and road surface conditions and also offers some wonderful views of the Delaware River as we trike through several historic landmarks and towns… and this is what I’ve come up with for
May 2, 2015:

One Ride with Short and Long Options: (“A” Loop, 24 miles) Prallsville Mills to Frenchtown, returning to Prallsville Mills, then (“B” Loop, up to an additional 21 miles) from Prallsville Mills to Washington Crossing, returning to Prallsville Mills. See the “Trikers’ Choice Ride” trip sheet.

Riders are invited to join us for the “A” Loop only, or the “A” and “B” Loops together.

Please Register your intent to ride via email or phone or a comment to this post (please include your phone number, it will remain protected), by 8:00 AM, Friday, May 1, 2015. This is a fair-weather event and trail conditions may be affected by heavy rain within 24 hours prior to ride. Please include your phone number with your registration – I will call you, or text you if you prefer, if Ride Is Canceled, between 6:00 and 6:30 AM on the day of the ride.

Key Points:
Arrive early – Ride Starts at 08:30 AM, Saturday, May 2, 2015. This is a 24 mile round trip or 45 mile round trip – your choice! Mostly Flat. Average speed: 9-11 mph (faster when on highway). Mixed trail surfaces: highway, paved trail, hard-pack gravel, hard-pack dirt with spotty grass. Mostly shaded and tree-lined. No one left behind and we will stop for breakdowns. There are several opportunities for breakaway sprints.

Please familiarize yourself with Preparation Guidelines and Rules for Club Rides.

We will begin our “A-Loop” rally at the Prallsville Mills/Stockton Visitors Center, following the D&R Canal Feeder Trail North (trailhead located at the same location) to Frenchtown, NJ., where we will take a short < 20 minute break for a stretch and refreshments. The return trip will be via Rte 29 South. When we return to Stockton, the “A-Loop” (24 mile) riders will drop off and the “B-Loop”** (45 mile) riders will continue on to Washington Crossing, via the D&R Trail, where we will turn around for our northbound return trip, on the Canal Trail again, to Stockton.

**Note: The “B-Loop” can be shortened by turning around at either Lambertville (by 13.8 mi.), or the Golden Nugget (by 10.8 mi.). I’ll assess everyone’s interest (and stamina) prior to the start of the “B-Loop”.

This ride boasts of More Restroom Opportunities than on any other trail!
There are Eight (8) Restroom opportunities: Washington Crossing, Golden Nugget Flea Market, Lambertville, Prallsville Mills/Stockton Visitors Center, Bull’s Island, Kingwood Park and Frenchtown. We probably won’t stop at each one but brief photo opportunities can be arranged. 🙂

• Trikes must be walked or carried for approximately 100 yards along a section of narrow boardwalk located about 0.9 miles north of Lambertville NJ (this affects only the “B-Loop”/45-mile riders… Of Course! We’ll help each other.
• Rte 29 is a busy highway with a posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour. The highway shoulders are intermittently wide and narrow. This highway sees a lot of bicycle traffic on weekends so most local drivers expect to see bikes sharing the highway.
• Please see the Trip Sheet “Trikers’ Choice Ride” for other notes and hazards.

Triking time (estimated):
“A” NB leg 1 (Stockton to Frenchtown): 1.25 hr                         : 08:30 – 09:45
Turnaround/Rest: < 20 min                                                        : 09:45 – 09:55
“A” SB leg 1 (Frenchtown to Stockton): 1.25 hr                         : 09:55 – 11:20
Quick Break/Rest: < 10 min
SB leg 2 (Stockton to Washington Crossing): 1.00 hr                 : 11:30 – 12:30
NB leg 2 (Washington Crossing to Stockton): 1.00 hr                 : 12:30 – 13:30
Total Ride Time: 2.5 hrs or 4.5 hrs.

Prallsville Mills/Stockton NJ Visitor’s Center: 40.409095, -74.984901
Frenchtown NJ: (40.526301, -75.063015)
Washington Crossing NJ (40.296722, -74.867392)

I look forward to riding with you!
Wayne K

Ride Event: Meet, Greet, Shiver and Roll 12/21/14

I’d like to invite any hardy souls among us to join me on Sunday, December 21, 2014 for the FIRST Delaware Valley Trike Riders’ Club Winter Solstice Ride of 2014!

The Ride:
Prallsville Mills/Stockton NJ Visitors Center to Frenchtown NJ.
24 mile round trip.
• Please arrive early. Ride will depart the Visitors Center at 11:00 AM – Sharp. Ride expected to end no later than 2:00 PM.
• Primary Route: To & From via the D&R Trail is conservatively about 2.25 hours ride time.
• Optional Route: To via the D&R Trail and From via Rte 29 is about 1.75 hours ride time.
Note: Rte 29 and the D&R Trail run parallel.
• Trip Sheets and Maps will be available online to print (check back later):

If you plan to join me please contact me no later than 8:00 PM Saturday, December 19, 2014.
• via email, please include your phone number so that I can contact you for cancellation if necessary (I will call by 7:30 AM on the day of the ride).
• via Telephone or Text – if I have your email address you will find a message directly from me with my telephone number. *Sorry, we’ve got to agree on an email address list to reduce duplicate notices. With your consent I can post a Members Only email & phone list behind a password.
• via website comment – again, please leave your name and telephone number. All comments are moderated and your comment/personal information will not be posted.

Weather is currently (7:00 AM, 12/18/14) predicted to be sunny and clear with 4 mph breezes from the north. Temperatures expected to peak at 42 degrees soon after we start and hold for the duration of the ride. I will cancel this ride if inclement weather (rain/snow) moves in or if temperatures shift downward closer to freezing. This is a flat course so we shouldn’t expect stragglers though I do plan to stop mid-way to regroup. We will also stop for breakdowns.

It will be cold. Dress in warm, wind-breaking layers. Keep Hands, Feet and Face well protected. Helmets are required and a waiver of liability must be signed (at the parking lot). Earphones and calling “Clear” at any time are forbidden. Terrain and road surfaces can be unpredictable in winter so prepare for environmental and mechanical glitches (bring spare inner tube, tools, air pump or CO2). Bring adequate hydration – water is only available at the turn-around in Frenchtown.

Parking is available at the Visitors Center and at the Mill located adjacent to and north of the Visitors Center. NOTE: As you approach the parking areas from the south – SLOW DOWN – or you may miss them on the left. The driveway to the first lot at the Visitors Center (traveling North on Rte 29) is both ingress and egress. The next driveway is the egress from the Mill’s parking lot. About 100 yards farther north is the mostly unmarked ingress to the Mill’s parking lot – look carefully because it is a very sharp left turn into the lot (nearly doubling back and below the grade from Rte 29). This driveway is directly across from the small street named “Worman Rd.” If you reach the fork in the road (left, Rte 29; right Rte 519) then you have gone too far.

Visitors Center is at about 22 Risler St, Stockton NJ 08559 (40.409095, -74.984901).
Prallsville Mills is at about 40.411113, -74.986219.
Note: Google Street View can provide a great visual of this location.

This will be an easy ride at a moderate pace (10-ish MPH… we’ll see what everyone is up for) following the D&R Feeder Canal and State Park trail. This trail is nearly flat and consists of mostly densely packed gravel and hard-packed dirt with a few portions paved. The absence of foliage will allow excellent views of the Delaware River and adjacent farms, though the dense tree lines will keep us mostly in shade.

There are a several places to take a rest stop along the way (porta-potty) and there is a full-service rest opportunity (food, restrooms, etc.) in Frenchtown. On any sunny day we’ll find several other cyclists hanging out with coffee, sandwiches, cakes, etc., at Maria’s and the adjacent bike shop, “Cycle Corner.” Because of the cool temperatures we will not linger long at the Frenchtown turn-around.

Optional Route:
Upon returning, and depending on the group’s consensus, we can make our return, southward trip, via Rte 29. This highway has wide shoulders and is locally a primary training route for road bikes and most local drivers are very aware of cyclists using this highway. The return trip via Rte 29 also provides a very long downhill ride on a paved surface with a few opportunities to switch back onto the Canal Trail if desired.

I’m looking forward to riding with you!
Wayne K